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The White Knight™ System is unique in the onsite wastewater treatment industry because of the combination of:

A comprehensive site appraisal assures that the system will effectively eliminate the clogging Biomat, and the warranty/maintenance program ensures that it will not reoccur in the future. This is good for the environment, public health, and the property owner. The White Knight™ System can be inserted into any sound, appropriately sized septic tank. It receives an initial "charge" of the patented IOS-500™ aerobic and facultative bacteria, which continue to grow and reproduce on the system's fixed film media. A small linear air pump supplies dissolved oxygen to the unit while providing airlift pumping action to circulate the tank contents over the media. This leads to the discharge of highly efficient IOS-500™ bacteria to the soil treatment area causing the elimination of the clogging mat, and maintains treatment and water flow after installation, as illustrated below.

Cost Comparison

Septic remediation falls into four catagories: short-term remediation, do-it-yourself solutions, professionally installed new technology solutions, and long-term septic system replacement.


Pumping, system inactivity, power jet and back flush leach fields, and hydrogen peroxide cleaning treaments are short-term septic system failure solutions. These treatments may help to increase short-term septic system capacity but will not resolve the clogging Biomat problem. Cost for such treatments may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.


There are a variety of “aeration-based" products on the market, some with their own bacteria inoculants. To date, none of these products are RI DEM-approved and technically require a permit for a homeowner to install. Thus, their installation at the present time is by law illegal in Rhode Island. Cost ranges up to $1500 for the components. Most if not all septic system remediation will require some site excavation, which would add to the cost of installtion if contracted out. This in addition to pumping, jet washing and hydrogen peroxide treatments add thousands of dollars to remediation, not to mention the home owner’s time to implement.


The White Knight™ System falls into this catagory along with a growing number of similar “new technology” septic system remediation products. It is the only RI DEM-approved solution at the present time. (Private septic systems come under the authority of the RI DEM, given the fact they are part of the State groundwater system.)

The White Knight™ System Microbial Inoculator/Generator is professionally installed by licensed/insured contractors. Sites must qualify for the system after inspection. Component installation often includes site work with little disruption to your landscape. Pumping, jet washing and hydrogen peroxide treatments accelerate remediation. In critical resource areas like South County, Rhode Island, replacing septic systems can cost as much as $30,000. Installation of The White Knight™ System can deliver a better solution at dramatic savings.

Installation often takes no more than a day, with little disruption to the property owner’s daily activities. A yearly maintenance contract provides bi-annual visits by a qualified inspector to ensure the system is functioning properly, to reinoculate the system with patented IOS-500™ bacteria, clean the effluent filter, and take water samples. This maintenance fee generally costs as little as pumping your septic tank.


The traditional means of failed septic system remediation is the replacement of the system — generally all components in the leaching field, at a cost in excess of tens of thousands of dollars. Not only a hardship on the property owner, this solution does little to remediate the existing Biomat, a hazardous waste. And, this solution destroys much of the property owner’s landscape, with the potential of days of displacement as the septic system is replaced.

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