White Knight™ System Performance Limited Warranty

Septic Preservation RI warrants that following proper installation of the WHITE KNIGHT™ into a sound septic tank, which is followed by a biologically/organically clogged absorption system and operated under normal residential conditions, the WHITE KNIGHT™ will recover the soil’s natural drainage abilities within 12 months of installation. This recovery period is directly dependent upon the degree of clogging present, can vary widely and may be impacted by seasonal conditions such as soil saturation (high ground water or flooding). Should recovery fail to occur following a 12 month time period, or clogging reoccurs after initial recovery, Septic Preservation RI shall refund to the purchaser 100% of the original purchase price and remove all equipment from the property, restoring the disturbed landscape to a comparable condition prior to initial installation. The property owner agrees to adhere to the guidelines provided at time of installation with regard to the use of household, chemical and other products. Upon absorption system recovery, Septic Preservation RI warrants that biological/organic clogging will not reoccur as long as a continuous service agreement remains in place with an authorized provider and the system is operated in adherence with the established guidelines as defined within the maintenance agreement. Any lapse in service coverage with an authorized provider shall void all warrantees.

Disclaimer of warranties. Except as specifically provided in this agreement, Knight Treatment Systems, Inc., the Supplier, makes no warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose with respect to the goods sold under this agreement.

Limitation on liability. Septic Preservation RI liability shall be limited to the repair or the replacement of defective goods or to the refund of the purchase price paid. Septic Preservation RI shall not be responsible or liable for any consequential or incidental damages or expenses of any kind or nature.

White Knight™ System Component Warranty

Knight Treatment Systems, Inc. warrants all hard components of the WHITE KNIGHT™ that are installed at time of purchase for residential application and are operated under a continuous service agreement with an authorized provider. Knight Treatment Systems, Inc. shall cover the complete replacement cost of defective or worn out WHITE KNIGHT™ components due to normal operation and usage. Damage caused by any act of God, (i.e., lightning strike) are not covered and become the responsibility of the property owner. All other components of the onsite wastewater treatment system are not covered by this warranty and are the responsibility of the property owner. Any lapse in service coverage with an authorized provider shall void all warranties, either written or implied.

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